Summer 2012 Collection

Image of Summer 2012 Collection


This collection contains all 4 Photoshop Actions that I have created for Summer 2012. It will include:

"A Certain Romance" is a photoshop action perfect for bringing your photos to life. It will change the photo from very dull to a very strong and vibrant, and will make the entire photo sharper!

"Sweet Nothing" is a photoshop action perfect for back-lit photographs! It will add a beautiful golden sun kissed effect that will bring your photograph to life with vibrant colors!

"Colourless Colour" is my favorite Black and White photoshop action I have created. It will turn your photo into a beautiful, sharp black and white masterpiece!

"Daydream" is a photoshop action perfect for under-exposed back-lit photographs! It will brighten your photographs while adding lovely sunlit tones to the photo.

By purchasing this Collection you will be saving $8!

**By purchasing this action you acknowledge that it only works in Photoshop CS 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 and NOT in Photoshop Elements**